Founded in 2005 in shenzhen,With over 15 years of led display manufacturing experience,VIVISOMA are delivering approximately thousands of screens of different sizes and applications to our clients, and all these projects are shining and delivering magnificent videos throughout the world.

Our products are restrict inspected from raw material, to unfinished modules, to fully equipped cabinets,to onsite installation´╝îwhich makes our products' quality keep in high top level and stable.

Turnkey service can be supplied from the beginning of the order to the end of delivery, assembly and testing. 24/7 service, anytime, anywhere if you get trouble with our products, there is always someone there to help.

Every process of the project can be controlled to reduce the cost, which can supply competitive price to maximum your profits.

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Core Values

We do not make but creat products for our customers.


To become the world leader in LED application technology by providing the best experiences to our customer when it comes to LED Product.


Be ready for all the challenge and pressure comes from world compitition,be focus on what clients concern, be prepared for providing competitive LED display solutions and services, and be efficient to help customers creat greatest value.

Hard working

In this source-lacking world, we don't have much to count on but only by hard working can win us the respects and trusts of customers. We stick to the principle of the one who pays lot will be paid more back.

Quality Assurance At Its High Level

Strictly according to the statistics from the Quality Assurance Committee, we are receiving less than 0.006% quality complaint of noticeable defects: among about 500 displays per year that we are building for our clients, we are receiving about 3 quality complaints each year from them, apart from some minor problems that our clients may encounter, which are usually fixed through telephone communications by our after-sales services teams.

VIVISOMA has about 150 professional employees, and a big number of them have been with VIVISOMA ever since it was founded in the year of 2005. It is this fact that greatly contributes to VIVISOMA's being different from our competitors in this industry.









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