Our Solutions

Turn-Key solution makes our clients’ job much simpler and more efficient.

Lighting pole billboards for advertising effect enhance-3G 4G wireless solution

Dance floor led display solution

Transparent led screen solution

What our client says

Our clients spoke highly of our products and service.We feel exciting and confident when we get the feedback from them.All these push us to move forward and give more to our clients.

I have never experienced such a good service before. Vivisoma gives me a totally different purchasing experience.They do very well in this industry and hope they do better in the future.

-Omar/Purchase Manager of Port of Salalah

The products are new-design and humanized which makes me excited.You can hardly imagine how much work Vivisoma have done before all the products come out.

-Mike/ Director of Cen-Tex Digital Billboards LLC

I would like to work with Vivisoma team.They solve the problem very efficiently and always can give us the best solution and service.

-Hani / Manager of Ibrahim Anis Alzaben Company

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